Sunday, April 14, 2013

Wilmington, NC

                                                        Carolina Beach, NC

                                                         Wrightsville Beach, NC

                                                               Seabreeze, NC

For these photos I used a neutral density filter & by doing so I was allowed to use a much slower shutter speed.  This effect caused so much motion blur that the water in the photos appears to be still.  That's one of the characteristics of a ND filter that I love.  The 1st photo is of the beach & beach water is never still!  So to be able to slow that down & transform it into something else is amazing to me.  In the 2nd photo there was a woman on a paddle board, paddling thru the middle of this picture. Because of the long exposure & her movement there is so much motion blur that she disappears.  These photos ranged from 15-30sec exposure time.

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