Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Love of HDR

Silos on 64 going to Charlotte, NC from Asheboro, NC

Tunnel in the mountains..Blue Ridge Pkwy

High Point University

Cape Fear River Bridge in Wilmington, NC

Candy Store in Concord Mills, NC

Since being introduced to HDR I have falling in love with it. So I have decided to put together a book of HDR images. As of now these are all of images that I have. I would like to finish this book by graduation. So if you know of any cool places please let me know.


  1. These are looking great Tiffanie!!! I love the Cape Fear River Bridge one. The colors really pop on all of these!! Good luck getting your book done!!

  2. I love all of the images but I am going to be critical! As a work together the high point image seems a bit more done than the rest. Not that thats a bad things just something to consider.

  3. GREAT job Tiffanie! Really love the top two and the cape fear bridge. I think that you should try doing one at a cemetery! Could be pretty cool on a cloudy day :) Can't wait to see the finished product!

  4. These are amazing Tiff! They each have their own unique look but also look great together as a collection. I can't wait to see your finished book. I know its going to be great!