Thursday, October 15, 2009

Asheboro Fire Department

The Asheboro Fire Department burned a house Thursday evening on Sunset St. for training purposes. This was an amazing experience for me to be out there & to see some of the stuff firefighters go through for their job. I knew in advance about the fire & I spoke with Eddie Cockman of the AFD who allowed me to photograph the training.


  1. FIRE. I like the exposures on them, you can see detail in the people without distracting added light. I love the last image. Very interesting subject.I would like to know more about the scene.

  2. Excellent shots, Tiffanie! Did you know this was going to happen ahead of time, or did you just wander upon it? I love seeing the silhouettes of the fire fighters against the fire. I agree with Scarlet, the last image is the strongest! Love the wide angle. Great work!